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Roleplay Logs [3] Let's face it, a lot of us Sonadow fans like to RP Sonadow! Here's a good way to show off your best RP log sessions with the rest of us!
MSTings [0] Every once in a while, people write Sonadow fanfics in haste, and will NOT listen to reason. This is where MSTings come in, to entertain AND educate writers on how to fix those messy fanfics they wrote.


Welcome to the Fanfiction @, fanfiction dedicated to Sonic and Shadow. You should find a whole RANGE of Sonadow fanfiction here.

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Sooo the new site layout is now up and running! Yay!


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We are the home of 233 authors from among our 2155 members. There have been 9057 reviews written about our 495 stories consisting of 2083 chapters and 4678728 words. A special welcome to our newest member, TheCrimsonScarf .

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Sonadow: The war by Sonadowsuperfan1 G - Clean
Shadow and Sonic are in a war. Shadow is on the evil side and is Alpha while...
Chao Love by Silverexorcist G - Clean
After a fit of boredom Sonic somehow manages to turn himself into a chao...
Hold On by Skyblaze PG13 - Mildly Suggestive
Crossover with the SatAm series. Shadow uses Chaos Control one last time to...
Once Upon a Time by Taranea PG13 - Mildly Suggestive
Shadow is living with an evil stepfamily, Sonic is a prince forced to look for...
He Is My Master by Taranea PG - Suggestive
After a Chaos Control gone awry, Sonic and Shadow go AWOL...landing in an alternate...
Dark Salvation by Illumini NC17 - Adult
The mink shivered as it stared at Sonic, its eyes almost pleading the hedgehog...
Genesis by MASilvers NC17 - Adult
Nothing can break our bond. If this is a test... then bring it on!
How To Train Your Werehog by ShotsOfSunshine PG13 - Mildly Suggestive
[ON HIATUS] Shadow sighed, knowing he'd have a few new additions to pick up...
Shadows and Dust... by MASilvers NC17 - Adult
If you had just one chance to change just one thing in your life, be it either...
Break Down, It's All Right by Loopy R - Heavily Suggestive
Sonic knows how to slip into guarded territory... And how to really defend it. Connected...
Scream by Kailartemis NC17 - Adult
A song story I wrote containing a lemon. It's based off the song "Scream" by...
Advent of Equinox by Skyblaze PG13 - Mildly Suggestive
Post-Unleashed. An unexpected eclipse once more triggers Sonic's change into...
Alpha Identity by Element_Eighty NC17 - Adult
The Alpha Vampire abandons the rest of his kind with a small gang of rebel Vampires...
Vagabond by ShotsOfSunshine R - Heavily Suggestive
Shadow wondered if it was at all possible to curse his over-eager and shaggy...
Metal Sonic Returns by Shadow PG13 - Mildly Suggestive
When Sonic disappears during a mission, everyone blames the newcomer Shadow...
Sonic vs Metal Sonic by Shadow NC17 - Adult
When a mysterious stranger appears near Never Lake and is captured by Dr Robotnik...
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