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Summary: Sonic and Shadow are fighting their usual fight, until a thunderstorm forces the battle to cease. The two seperate, but Sonic rushes back at the feeling of something being terribly wrong. Shadow, it seems, is ill with a deadly disease. And he, out of all people in the world, is the only one who can take care of him. To his surprise, Sonic soon finds that there is room for a certain ebony hedgehog in his heart...
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Published: May 24, 2007 Updated: July 31, 2007

1. Chapter 1: Oh Joy by wildfire11 [Reviews - 5] (807 words)
Greetings, I'm new here, and don't write very much, so please go easy on me. Only recently have I become a Sonadow fan, so I'm still new to it. I hope you'll enjoy my story.
2. Chapter 2: Raging Storms by wildfire11 [Reviews - 4] (1505 words)
Next chapter is here. I thank those who reviewed very much, and to let you know, I have taken to heart what you have adviced me with. Again, I thank you. Please enjoy Chapter 2 of "To Give a Heart".
3. Chapter 3: To Care is a lot in Itself by wildfire11 [Reviews - 4] (3365 words)
Well, I'm back again with the next chapter. I know the events may seem like they are happening too fast, but I was too excited for this chapter. You could say the "climax" is in this chapter...but I dunno. I know, I'm a very poor writer, but at least bear with me and enjoy this next chapter!

PS: Also, "mathosulioma" isn't a real disease. It's a fiction-made one of mine that I created based off of a real disease called, "mesothelioma". I knew that what I made happening probably isn't what would really happen, since I don't know anyone who has or had mesothelioma. So I made up a disease. Thanks to my dear friend who came up with what I should name it (you know who you are)!
4. Chapter 4: Shocker by wildfire11 [Reviews - 3] (1174 words)
I'm not completely satisfied with this chapter--let me tell you first. But since a certain friend of mine as been bugging me to update, I might as well. Again, this is probably a very ill-written chapter, so remember: YE HAVE BEEN WARNED. (Oh, and new thing: the single quotation marks will go around thoughts from now on; I find that easier to do than the whole < i > txt < / i >)
5. Chapter 5: The End by wildfire11 [Reviews - 4] (3401 words)
Well, I was never good at ending my stories. This one is no different, sadly. T.T I at least hope you guys liked my story and that this ending doesn't seem rushed or anything...although it probably will...I guess all I can say is that I hope you guys enjoy!

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