How To Train Your Werehog by ShotsOfSunshine, Skitzoism

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Sonic and Tails had spent most of the afternoon on some type of unspoken edge, the two Mobians eerily silent unless it was necessary. Miles could see Sonic was clearly off elsewhere in his thoughts, but he was far too busy trying to compute any possible cure or answer for his friend and his massive, salivating problem. His blood work came out normal, his fur samples matched perfectly, as well as his finger prints. Nothing was coming up weird on the scans. The small fox read through the paperwork with frustration, ready to pull clumps of fur from his head as his technical machines were giving him no output.

Sonic, who looked worn-out despite getting some sleep last night in the closet, would coax his brother into relaxing by pulling out his usual feel good attitude. He'd give a clever comment to him or a laugh here or there, something akin to his usual spunky personality; but when he thought that his brother wasn't sneaking a look, his true feelings would break through the mold. He looked exhausted, worried, and strangest of all…vulnerable; even in front of his younger brother, who Sonic without a doubt felt the most comfortable with, would Sonic rarely show this hidden side of him.

Tails was dropped off at Amy's with a ton paperwork; leather-bound books, his laptop, and all seven chaos emeralds. Sonic went, and of course thought up some lie to wriggle his way out of hanging out with her. She, too, asked her crush what was wrong, but Sonic swept it off with a disinterested air, before taking off to leave a distraught Tails at the door.

The hedgehog had a few hours to himself; he had no desire to return to the house, let alone see Knuckles or even Shadow. He sprinted his way as far as possible from both of their locations, not exactly having a destination as he took off for over an hour of straight exercise. He focused on the air blowing through his quills, the earthy scents filling up his nostrils, and how the welcoming sun seemed to be smiling down on him as a reminder to enjoy his memory as it lasts. He could tell by the cooler breeze it was well past the noon, and it was time to turn back. The hedgehog reluctantly ran back towards his home, the last couple of miles much slower (for the hero, anyway) and dragged out as he felt this strange pit of despair growing in his stomach.

Elsewhere, Shadow surveyed the torn up and battered warehouse with a practiced eye. Knuckles had gone off in search of a fuse box and they had been pleased to see that the warehouse still had a bit of juice. It was large with a tall ceiling and fluorescent bulbs flooding the room with light. That would play to their advantage when it came to dealing with the Werehog who fought so well in the darkness. Shadow could only hope that the bulbs were high enough out of Sonic's stretchy reach.

The big space would be good for Sonic when he turned and give him enough room to roam about comfortably. The doors, like in most ware houses, were made out of a heavy type of steel that bolted shut from both the inside and outside. Shadow didn't think that would be much of a problem seeing as the Werehog hadn't been able to figure out how to work the doorknob in the closet, so opening a complicated warehouse door would most likely be out of Sonic's skill range.

Of course there was always the option that Sonic would just attempt to break through the wall, and with the Werehog's terrifying strength, that was a valid option. Shadow just hoped it wouldn't come to that.

It had taken a bit of cleaning and adjusting, but the two Mobians had managed to set up a decent area for Sonic to be comfortable. Shadow didn't want Sonic to feel like he was being imprisoned, but there was really only so much he and Knuckles could do to make the area feel cozy with nightfall only a few hours away.

Shadow ran a hand through his quills, wondering with a slight twinge of anxiousness how Sonic was doing. This couldn't be easy on the hero. After all, who knew where or how he was going to wake up come morning? What if Shadow and Knuckles weren't able to contain Sonic and he escaped? It was true that they were a fair distance from the city, but the night was long and the Werehog could certainly make tracks if he wanted to.

Knuckles didn't seem too concerned about Sonic's transformation, but he hadn't been facing down sharp rows of teeth like Shadow had the previous night. Shadow was just lucky that sleep was a luxury for him and not a necessity. Otherwise he would be close to passing out from exhaustion since he had barely slept the night before. Fighting a mad beast would be the last on Shadow's list of things to do.

By the time they had finished cleaning the area and getting it set up and equipped, it was well into the afternoon. Shadow was heading back to Sonic's den alone as Knuckles had stayed behind to finish bolting down everything that could be lifted to the ground.

The dark agent slowed to a halt outside of Sonic's house and cringed. On the outside it looked completely normal save for the fact that Sonic's lawn needed to be mowed. He strode up to the house and pushed open the door, immediately revealing the disaster zone which had previously been Sonic's den.

The house had barely been touched since Shadow's and Knuckles's departure. Sonic truly didn't even have it in him to clean the place of its destruction, since most of it was too far into disrepair anyway. He would have to hire contractors to get this place back on its feet and a hell of a lot of cleaning maids to get it looking at least slightly normal and inhabitable.

"I'm back," Shadow called out, looking around for either Sonic or Tails. His stomach flipped uncomfortably as he took in the horrible damage done to the den. It was worse once he came back to it after being away for half a day.

Sonic, who already figured Shadow would be back soon, had taken a seat on the couch (still out-of-place in the kitchen), and for a rare moment in the hedgehog's life, just remained still and noiseless. The hero just couldn't bring himself to look at the harm he did to his own home, not wanting to remember the situation for as long as possible. It was bad enough he was furious at the mad scientist who created this problem, and how he was basically instructed to not go after him like some type of small child. Sonic loathed being told what to do, and Werehog or not, this was not going to change.

He was exactly like that when Shadow came in; sitting with his chin propped up on his palm, elbow sticking into the top of his knee. He said nothing to Shadow, looking tired after the previous few days and the run that he hoped would get him at least slightly exhausted; he hoped his strenuous amount of activity carried over to the Werehog. He just stared up at Shadow with a mild face, looking like he had a hundred things to say, but not even a peep escaped.

Shadow met Sonic's gaze and for a long moment said nothing, simply staring at him with wordless meaning. He took in just how tired Sonic appeared. Between transformations and the back-to-back sleepless nights, the hedgehog looked spent. "Everything has been set up at the warehouse. We're ready for you at any time." He looked over at Sonic, spotting the bags underneath the hero's big emerald eyes, "You look like hell." He noted.

"I don't know why," Sonic replied lazily and with just a hint of sarcasm coloring his voice, one of his feet began a slow tap against the couch, "It's not like I haven't had a full nights rest in the past two days, tried to eat my little brother, and gotten my body hijacked by some rabid man-eating beast – oh wait a second..." He trailed off, giving Shadow a distinctly grumpy look.

Shadow said nothing in retaliation at first. He stepped over a piece of wallpaper that had been ripped off the wall, stepping past the grumpy hedgehog and the seat he inhabited. He took one more look around the disheveled living room before looking towards the blue hero with a face of stone.

"There is someone out there who always has it worse, Faker. I expected you to know this better than anyone."

He stepped towards the couch silently, tiny pieces of glass cracking under the soles of his rocket shoes. "The longer we take, the more time we have to worry about sunset." He ignored the glower he received at the mention of the hero's time limit. "Do not make me get you to come by force."

After last night's shenanigans, Shadow was not taking no for an answer, Sonic demonstrating just how dangerous in this form he could be.

Sonic watched the dark hedgehog, feeling his stomach twist a bit at Shadow's words. His dark friend was, of course, right, but that didn't mean that Sonic had to like it one bit, "You started it." Sonic childishly stuck his tongue out at Shadow and blew him a raspberry, trying to hide the ball of nerves and anxiousness beginning to knot even tighter in his belly at the mention of sunset.

He hated being told what to do, and hated not having a shred of control over his life even more. Heck, even when Sonic was in control of his mind and body, he was still getting ordered around by Shadow. The hero was highly tempted just to stay rooted on the couch until his crush had to drag both him and it to the warehouse. He folded his arms over his chest and looked out at the window, his ears folding back against his head as he fell into silence.

Shadow didn't reply to Sonic's small childish outburst. The hedgehog was thicker than molasses, as usual, and, as expected, their current situation didn't seem to have made much of an impact on Sonic's irritating quips.

Still, it would never be said aloud, but Sonic was terrified. He was scared of becoming an uncontrollable monster that didn't know friend from foe. The very thought that he ran the risk of hurting one of his friends while he was like that scared him even more. He closed his eyes and tightened his grip around his fawn arms, trying his best to keep his breathing calm and even. Sonic wouldn't be able to stand the idea of hurting them.

Sonic was putting himself and his trust wholly in the hands of Shadow and Knuckles. Trusting them to keep him contained, keep the surrounding civilians safe, and most importantly keep themselves safe. But did he really have any choice in the matter?

He had absolutely none.

Sonic felt sick and his empty stomach churned, not having had much of an appetite for the last few days. Nothing seemed to stir his hunger, and Sonic highly doubted he'd be able to stomach anything right now...

He turned emerald eyes towards the sky, willing nothing more than for the daylight to last forever.

A black ear twitched as Shadow heard Sonic's stomach make an odd squelching sound, a mixture between a snarl what sounded like the engine of a dying car. Apparently the hero was either hungry or nauseous. Regardless of the reason, Shadow just hoped that would translate to the Werehog and slow the beast down for a bit.

"Are you coming or not, because I doubt you're in any condition to fight me off," Shadow said blandly, looking over at the curled up form of Sonic idly, "I will drag you the entire distance if I have to." And if he had to, Shadow would not be a happy hedgehog.

Sonic stood reluctantly, his body feeling like lead. He was so very tired, and his mind pleaded with him to sit back down. "I'd still kick your butt, faker." The voice wasn't very convincing since he sounded exhausted, and judging from the sound his stomach made, hungry. "Having the desire to eat would be nice, but no, that has to be going for me nicely too, of course." He spoke to Shadow as he made his way through the wild destruction he himself inflicted, not looking fazed by the horrendous amount of damaged goods in his home.

Stepping outside, he refused to look back at Shadow and most of the trip to the warehouse was silent, with Sonic trying to hold back his tongue in fear of saying something testy. He knew it wasn't Shadow's fault at all for what was afflicting him, but he was just a tad bit on edge with everything going on and his current exhausted state. He didn't even want to run there, no matter how shocking the idea may be, and was really not looking forward to the prospect of transforming tonight.

"So, did you and Knuckles make the warehouse a shanty, cement prison to be my new, 'home sweet home'?" he finally acknowledged Shadow, knowing that the other hedgehog really had been surprisingly helpful in these past couple of days. Shadow didn't have to let him into his home when he was drenched in blood, didn't have to escort him to the forest when he was sick and on the verge of tears, and didn't even really have to help protect Tails last night. Sonic tried his best to give a weak smile as he waited for an answer.

"We made it livable," Shadow replied readily enough as he pushed the door to the warehouse open. He looked over at Sonic's exhausted face, then again at the dimly lit area they had fixed up. Shadow just hoped it wouldn't be torn up immediately by Sonic's night form the instant he showed up. They would run out of warehouses very quickly if that was the case, "That was all we could manage on such a short notice."

He strode inside, looking at the area appraisingly. Knuckles had done a good job at bolting everything to the ground and walls from the looks of things, and the echidna was now busily attempting to set up a radio line with Tails. "Make yourself comfortable," Shadow shrugged as he took a seat on the floor near the door – they hadn't bothered keeping chairs around.

Sonic walked through the doorway a few feet behind Shadow before placing his hands on his hips, taking a long look around the building after his first few steps. "Wow," he stated with a smack of his lips. "Did you guys do all this for me?" His new residence was basically bare except for a few crates and heavily dusted corners, graffiti and tags covering up the dank, moist walls. The loud dripping of a pipe sounded shamelessly through the silence in the room, Sonic taking a deep inhale of the stale air. "Talk about welcoming."

He spotted Knuckles to the side trying to make use of some type of wire, smirking as he tried to lighten his own mood. "Look at Mr. Homemaker over here; I wish I just had a camera." He took a seat a few inches away from Shadow, watching Knuckles with a bit of a growing smile. It slid away just as quickly as it came, the worry of the ever nearing sunset making him grow more and more unsettled as the minutes ticked by. Of course, he was paired up only with the two most talkative people he knew, and neither of the two seemed to be going out of their way to distract him.

It wasn't not long until Sonic became antsy, itching to do anything to relieve the tension in his mind. Looking to the other furs for an answer to his problems, he stared from Shadow to Knuckles as he chewed on his lower lip, unable to find the words to voice his growing discomfort.

Knuckles let out a faint growl, signifying his victory over the old technology he had been messing with. "You can go ahead and bite me Blue, who's a handyman now?" He smirked, quite pleased with himself over his ability to put the radio to good use. Tails would be able to key into their frequency so he wouldn't be left in the dark about his brother.

Shadow watched as slowly the walls of the warehouse slowly became painted with the soft hues of the setting sun. He eyed the echidna and nudged Sonic with his foot, "Are you ready?" He asked, interrupting the blue hedgehog before he could respond to Knuckles' goad.

Sonic didn't realize when he teased Knuckles that the sun was on its way to disappearing below the horizon; this also meant the loss of his rational thought, his memory, and whatever else came with turning into a Werehog was shortly going to take effect. He was terrified, but tried to hide this as he finally looked to Shadow in response to his question, his mouth giving a bit of a twitch.

"Uh," he watched as the sun sunk lower and lower, his thoughts obviously elsewhere as he tried to think up an intelligent answer. "I don't think I really have a choice in the matter." He laughed weakly as his eyes were wide and anxious, squirming visibly in his spot. Only a second went by before he stood, running fingers messily through his head quills; it wasn't like he really cared about how he would look considering his appearance was changing very shortly. He had never been awake in his transformation, sleeping the past two times, but he figured that it was a good sign; it mustn't be painful if he didn't wake up…right?

"I just want to say," Sonic paused before speaking, taking a deep breath as he looked back towards the two others in the room. "I just want to say I'm sorry beforehand if I...if I do something wild and," He looked thoughtful as he shyly switched his gaze to the ground while wringing his hands. "You guys are great friends." He stated this softly, looking between the two gravely, the words truly heartfelt.

The sky was beginning to turn blue and Sonic walked away, staring up at the high windows which didn't reveal much but slow moving clouds. He swallowed, his breaths becoming ragged as he looked frantically from side to side, knowing the moon would show through the glass pane very shortly.

Shadow watched Sonic alertly, standing quite the distance away with Knuckles. He judged that it was roughly the distance of Sonic's arm span in his Werehog form, if a bit more. Shadow didn't want to get gutted by a furious Sonic not five seconds after his transformation.

He felt a trickle of worry twist in his gut as he watched the shivering hedgehog. Not even the usual carefree Sonic could hide his tremors from Shadow's sharp gaze. He could see the knots of tension twisting underneath cobalt quills, Sonic's gloved hands curling into tight fists by his sides, and the telltale sign of the other's anxious jittering.

Shadow's thoughts were following Sonic's, mainly out of morbid curiosity. What would the transformation be like? Would it hurt? Would it be slow and gradual? Part of Shadow wanted the moon to hurry up and rise so his burning questions could be answered, but another, larger and more sensible part of him wanted to delay the inevitable as long as humanly possible.

He took a small step forward as he watched twitching blue ears begin to droop with worry. Shadow stilled and steeled his nerves. It was foolish for him to even think to stand even a step closer to Sonic, not when he was minutes away from turning into a frothing beast. The sentimental comfort he could offer Sonic now by standing beside him would mean very little if he was torn to shreds in the process.

He watched as the warehouse slowly darkened and the sound of Knuckles flicking on the brighter fluorescent lights echoed in the large room. Shadow stiffened instinctively when the bright beams of white light began to peak through the warehouse windows. It was time.

Like the calm before a storm, nothing happened at first, which surprised the anxious hedgehog as he fidgeted in his spot. Sonic's ear gave a twitch as he looked around, his eyes finding both Knuckles and Shadow standing off the side; the two of them looked tense, if not as much as he himself was. They just watched in silence, every member of the room holding their breath. Sonic gave them one final small resemblance to a smile until he faced the moonlight, the light slowly draping across him as he tried to face it with as much confidence as possible.

He was compelled to close his eyes and he did so peacefully, until strangely his body started to quiver... Quiver wasn't even the word; it was as if he was vibrating as his whole body was racked with shivers like sickness from a horrible fever. Sonic strained to gather a deep breath as a small noise akin to a mixture of a mumble and whimper escaped his trembling lips. The hedgehog struggled to open his eyes as he turned to face his friends, his hands clutching his head until he finally dropped to his knees, clawing at the ground desperately as his ears drooped, his breathing now wildly ragged.

The tear of clothing ripped through the room past Sonic's soft muttering, which only grew progressively louder. His small hands turned into massive clawed mitts, one of the huge palms caught in the motion of dragging across the ground, and the talons caused small slashes in the cement. His eyes snapped wide open as his fur suddenly grew longer, his teeth barred and gnashing as they, too, elongated in length. The hero's once-trimmed cobalt coat mutated to look navy and shaggy, his ears lifting from the back of his head as they too grew and curved inwards. His typically tiny fangs were now pointy and dangerous, the thick ropes of saliva returning as they already splashed to the floor.

He arched his back to accommodate the addition of muscle on various parts of his body, including his shoulders, arms, and legs; his tail even grew a bit longer and fuller in its hair. As the transformation continued, his voice reverberated gradually deeper, his small whimpers and mumbles turning to growls and snarls.

It only took a minute more for Sonic to raise on all fours, licking his lips as he watched the two other furs in front of him who were frozen in shock, a dangerous growl escaping his throat. His eyes had a feral gleam in them in the casted white moonlight. With his lids narrowed, he took a calculated step forward, side stepping as he began to move around them in a circle like an animal spotting its prey.

Knuckles's breath caught as he finally took in the Werehog everyone had been clamoring about. His barbed fists were clenched as he watched Sonic closely, not quite registering the danger they were in just yet.

"That was... pretty cool," Knuckles muttered to no one in particular, wide violet eyes glued onto the prowling Werehog that was stalking all the more closer to them.

Shadow also had to admit watching Sonic transform had been nothing short of breathtaking. Seeing the metamorphosis for himself had been astounding. The experience of Sonic's lithe body turn into that of the powerful Werehog's was not anything Shadow was likely to ever forget so long as he lived. However, he refused to be as taken in by the awe inspiring sight as Knuckles was. He had seen and been victim to some of the damage Sonic was capable of. Letting his guard down around the Werehog was practically inviting death into his lap.

"Focus, Knuckles," Shadow said sharply, shifting slightly so he could put some distance between himself and the hulking figure of Sonic. He watched as those dark, jade eyes followed his every movement and schooled his face into a mask of readiness.

The beast was calculated in his steps, moving with the grace of the perfect hunter, his ears twitching to every tiny drip from the unseen pipe in the room. In the light of the warehouse, the outline of muscle in his fur gleamed to show just what power resided under his skin now, so much different from the lean build of the hero's usual physique. The long tail behind him swept to and fro from time to time as he watched both Knuckles and Shadow for any movement; it was as if somewhere deep in his subconscious, he could remember just how formidable these two creatures were.

He was surprisingly quiet on those massive paws of his, his steps silent except for the small tap of nails on the ground. Slowly his lips pulled back into a threatening sneer, another wave of drool hitting the cement as a bark boomed through the building. He was already leaving a dribbling trail since leaving his spot of conversion.

Sonic the Werehog was waiting; waiting for the two others to make the first move before he struck. He stuck out an arm in front of him and stretched the muscle a bit in an act to show off its abilities, only to heave it back to his personal space with marks in the stone below; he was as cocky as his rational doppelganger.

"Is... Is he taunting us?" Knuckles demanded, voicing the exact thing Shadow had been thinking. The ebony hedgehog merely snorted and his ruby eyes gleamed as he eyed the Werehog.

"It would appear so," Shadow muttered, wondering if the display of power just now was the Werehog's attempt at showing off his dominance, part of Sonic's personality leaking through that wild persona, or a mixture of the two. Shadow was willing to bet the latter.

The agent kept a patient eye on the Werehog, studying the growling creature crouched in front of him. It was clear Sonic wasn't going to attack them first. At least not immediately. He seemed as if he wanted to gauge their abilities before planning out a way of attacking, just like the predator he was. Shadow's eyes narrowed and his body tensed.

If this creature had any sense of Sonic's personality though, Shadow knew that the Werehog's patience would soon run out and he would attack, regardless. Especially with hunger driving him.

Shadow had prevented the Werehog from finding its meal the previous night, and Sonic hadn't eaten much during the day. He wondered just how ravenous the beast was. Slowly, Shadow shook his head.

Regardless of the reason, they couldn't let Sonic get the advantage. They would have to attack hard and fast to keep him restrained.

"Stick to the plan," Shadow muttered to Knuckles and slowly broke away from the echidna, drawing the Werehog's attention to him as he did so. Earlier in the day when Knuckles and Shadow had been cleaning the place up for Sonic, they had come up with a plan to restrain the Werehog. They hadn't informed Sonic of it since they didn't know what the inner workings of the Werehog's mind were, but the plan was simple.

Shadow would draw Sonic away from Knuckles, giving the echidna enough room to edge around into a blind spot and grab a hold of the Werehog from behind. With any luck, Knuckles would be able to stick the Werehog with a sedative Tails had prepared for them just in case. Shadow felt a twinge of anxiousness course through him at that. He only hoped that Knuckles was strong enough to restrain the Werehog. He wasn't terribly sure now that he got a good look at the Werehog in the light.

At Knuckles's answering nod, Shadow took off abruptly, not yet moving fast enough to outstrip the Werehog.

Sonic took a deep inhale of air as he watched the two other speak softly, both ears swerving forward to focus on the sounds. The conversation was short lived as Shadow suddenly took off towards the left, setting off the trigger in the hero's muscular legs as he propelled himself off the ground to rush right after him. He moved quickly and ruthlessly, completely entranced by Shadow's thin form gliding so sleekly through the room. As he skittered a bit across the floor, he just prevented himself from colliding shoulder first into the foundation's wall, only to get a grip of his feet again. Similar to daytime Sonic after first waking up from the transformation of Werehog to hedgehog, the difference on his changing body caused inelegant movements as he adjusted to his limbs. Shadow was much faster than him in this form, which infuriated the Werehog to no end, even more so than what seemed natural to him; no doubt it was the competitiveness that he normally felt towards his older counterpart.

Sonic the Werehog did not like losing much like Sonic the Hedgehog, but he was a tad bit more violent about it.

He snarled after Shadow as he worked hard to keep up with his racing partner's skates, doing a pretty good job of it considering Shadow really had an advantage on him at the moment. As his arms stretched forward much like last night to get a hold of him, he growled in agitation as his grasp just skimmed the hedgehog's leg. He was starving, yes, but this was not what was driving the beast to go after Shadow. A different type of craze dotted his eyes as he panted wildly behind him, his tongue hanging out of the side of his mouth as he left a cascade of drool behind. Sonic recognized his scent from yesterday as soon as the Werehog became conscious, and his lips peeled back into an unusual, almost sadistic smile; it looked so unlike Sonic with those massive rows of fangs in his mouth, the hedgehog snapping his jaws in frustration as his last reach was missed once more.

Shadow swerved and dodged around Sonic's reaching hands, gritting his fangs as he ran. They were once again in a confined space, so Shadow was unable to pick up enough speed to move safely and completely out of Sonic's reach. The small advantage Shadow had gained by moving first was rapidly shrinking as Sonic became more and more accustomed to his body.

Sonic was closing in on Shadow, and the dark agent knew he couldn't avoid him forever. After all, Shadow only had so much room to work - even as large as the warehouse was, it was difficult to maneuver. Especially with such a hulky beast on his heels.

He just hoped Knuckles would be able to get into a good place soon. Shadow hadn't expected the Werehog to be able to move quite as fast as he did, so it was taking a bit more precision than they had previously expected they would need.

The hedgehog grunted slightly as a clawed hand glanced off of his side, coming far too close for his comfort. Shadow turned sharply, smirking over his shoulder as he watched the Werehog connect heavily against one of the walls. His eyes were widening a second later, however, as Sonic didn't seem to notice the impact and continued to charge after him without so much as a care.

So distracted was Shadow, he never noticed Sonic shooting out another one of those stretchy arms and catching him around the ankle for a second time until he was jerked backward in mid-stride.

The creature thought intelligently as he opted to completely drive his body off the ground, falling to the floor as well, but securely gripping Shadow's thin ankle in his mitt. He stood up on the other three as he dragged Shadow towards his burly form hurriedly, his long tail waving behind him like a flag of warning.

Shadow was brought completely underneath him and similar to last night, the creature glared down at him with sopping wet jowls. His massive fangs were pearly white at the moment, but it would be easy to imagine them coated in blood from the deer's torn esophagus a day or so ago. He licked his lips as he flipped Shadow straight onto his belly in one swift unpredictable move, only to crawl between those skinny legs and tower over him with another sinister leer across his muzzle.

He lowered his head with a soft growl to meet the side of his former rival's cheek, the sound not nearly as threatening as the ones that rumbled out from his throat previously. Air blew out of his nose after taking a deep inhale of the fur between Shadow's neck and shoulder, his warm breath exhaled onto the skin like a bull in the fighting ring. His large jaws opened up to reveal massive fangs once again, a clawed hand moving to grasp behind Shadow's head quills to hold him in place as his mouth descended to the side of his neck.

Shadow held absolutely still, holding his breath until his lungs burned for oxygen as Sonic's snuffling muzzle buried itself in his neck. He didn't like how his head was being held in such a way that his vulnerable neck was on full display to Sonic and those cruel fangs. He felt too exposed. Too trapped.

The Werehog felt Shadow wince below him, which made it all the more delicious as he softly nipped the skin, giving it a gentle suck before releasing it with a purr.

Shadow twisted his body underneath Sonic in an attempt to wriggle away from that hungry mouth, but all he managed to do was flop a bit. The Werehog had a firm grip on him, and a grunt escaped Shadow from his effort and the sensation of those wicked canines dancing around and tasting his skin.

"Any day now Knuckles," Shadow growled lowly, knowing the Guardian was already probably attempting to draw in close to the Werehog to pull Sonic off. The agent just hoped that Knuckles would get there before Sonic got tired of his little taste test and decided he was too hungry to wait.

His heart was thudding in his chest and Shadow very well thought he was going to be eaten. Shadow didn't want to admit it, but he was afraid. The position Sonic had put him in effectively kept his legs trapped and he was in too vulnerable an arrangement to even twist his head much less get away.

Soon one nip turned into two, and two fell into three, Sonic's ministrations getting a bit rougher as he was intending to leave welts on the skin. He gave another suck as he clutched the fuzzy flesh between his fangs. He changed his strategy after a few more affectionate bites, opting to give a long lick up the addicting fur of Shadow's neck, stopping over the warm thumping of his friend's pulse; his eyes dilated as he enjoyed the way he made Shadow's heart race, giving a gentle nip to it before switching to the other side of his throat, leaning Shadow's head to the opposite direction to expose the soft hair on the other side.

All while he did so, nipping and working on the expanse of muscle before him, talons gently raked their way up the side of Shadow's leg; the movement was shockingly gentle from the mitt that had once handled him so brutally, and not to mention without a doubt intimate.

Shadow was left gasping in a mixture of shock and... something else entirely as it suddenly became all too clear what the Werehog had in mind. Obviously Sonic was hungry for something other than food, and he wanted it from Shadow of all people. His pulse quickened, and he closed his eyes in an attempt to keep his breathing and heart rate under control. It didn't help any that his stomach was doing odd flips that seemed to coincide with the throbbing bruises that were sure to be forming on his neck soon.

The soft footsteps of an astonished Knuckles finally coming to life vibrated into Sonic's ear drum, the hero whipping his head up from his prey so fast to snarl at the echidna behind him, his eyes feral in possessiveness as he fought to convey his ownership of the creature below him through his glare; he was willing to fight if necessary to keep his hold on Shadow.

Needless to say, Shadow had never been happier to see Knuckles in his life, even though Sonic seemed to be thinking quite the opposite if Shadow could tell by the snarl reverberating in the Werehog's chest. Shadow could feel it vibrating against his back due to the manner in which he was pinned.

Knuckles was staring into the furious and possessive jade eyes, knowing full well that, if he didn't do something soon, the Werehog would just try to mate a resisting Shadow right then and there. Slowly he sunk down into a crouch and his lips pulled back into a challenging snarl to match Sonic's.

It probably wasn't as threatening as the Werehog's as the echidna was missing the rows of dangerous fangs, but Knuckles sincerely hoped that Sonic would deem him enough of a threat to his prospective mate that he would get up off of Shadow to take care of him. At the very least that would give Shadow enough time to get out from his compromising position.

Sonic took in the stance with a further narrow of his lids, drool dripping down between the cracks of his gritted teeth. It was a challenge that, of course, the Werehog would take - the perfect way to show off his skills to his prospective mate. His elastic arm moved out to lash out at Knuckles, infuriated when the echidna managed to get away. At this point, he figured he could always catch Shadow later to finish his intentions, the dispute far too important to let it slip away.

He finally moved off Shadow with a warning growl towards his desired, as if this would frighten him enough not to move from his spot. He turned fully towards Knuckles, the fury from earlier boiling even more due to the interruption. He moved towards him with another lash of his claws, skittering after him like he had with Shadow earlier. He didn't realize in his desire to get rid of Knuckles that Shadow was rising from his spot, despite Sonic's warning snarl.

Shadow swiftly darted over to the abandoned tranquilizer Knuckles had been carrying, growling with irritation. Enough was enough. Shadow was through dealing with Sonic's nonsense, and that last encounter was far...closer than Shadow had ever imagined it could be. He fought back a blush as he uncapped the syringe and tested it. Oh he was going to enjoy this...

He watched silently and circled around the fighting pair. Sonic was currently on the offensive, the snarling Werehog furious at the Guardian for his interruption. Knuckles was too busy avoiding Sonic's stretchy arms and massive paws to pay any mind to Shadow. That was fine, Shadow had a bit of a personal vendetta against the Werehog now... Knuckles didn't need to be in on the loop.

The Werehog was furious for the interruption on his copulation attempt, eyeing Knuckles with a hateful glare, roaring as a gargantuan hand constantly moved to thwart the echidna but to no avail. Sonic gradually tried to strategically move Knuckles closer and closer to a corner, wanting to trap his prey and do away with him before making another 'move' on his prospective mate. He took no notice to Shadow circling around them, too overwhelmed with anger as he licked his lips and gave a close snap to Knuckle's leg, as if remembering his hunger from earlier.

The dark agent waited for an opening before he, too, leapt into the fray, pouncing on the Werehog's back and jamming the syringe home into his meaty shoulder blade. Shadow let out a growl as he injected Sonic with the sedative, pulling the syringe out and neatly leaping off and to the side. He looked anxiously up at the Werehog, wondering if that was going to do the trick or not.

Tails said it was strong enough to take out an elephant or Doctor Eggman, since the two were synonymous.

Sonic didn't even realize when Shadow leapt up behind him, sticking him with something sharp. He snarled and diverted his attention from the crimson offender to snap at Shadow now, again livid at the midnight hedgehog. He growled and took a few steps closer to punish him, until his legs begun to wobble, the Werehog's ears perking in confusion as he looked around for an answer as to why. His eyesight was gradually getting dizzier and dizzier, and he was dropping without control over his back haunches. The drug worked fast; the shot sent it straight into his bloodstream, and having an empty stomach probably didn't help.

He whimpered and let out a tiny howl as he was now reduced to completely laying across the ground, his eyes half lidded and dilated wide as he began to slobber all over the immense paws his muzzle rested on.

Shadow strode over to the sedated Werehog and bent down to eye the green-eyed beast face-to-face. His lips pulled back into an angry snarl, baring his tiny fangs threateningly at the Werehog. It wasn't going to be taken seriously considering he had a certain lacking of sharp fangs. His ears pinned back as he asserted to show his dominance to the nearly comatose Werehog.

"I am no one's bitch," Shadow snarled, ruby eyes gleaming challengingly at Sonic. He held up the empty syringe, "And if you do that again, you'll be getting more of these jabbed in places that are far more unpleasant."

The Werehog had a distant look in his eyes, the emerald glassy as they tried to focus on Shadow speaking menacingly in his face. He spotted him baring his teeth but made no effort to growl, using his last bit of strength to lift his head before Shadow could back off. That large, pink tongue licked him dead on center on his lips, causing Shadow to freeze as he was drenched in slobber, before Sonic was forced to drop his head once more.

His ears drew back and he let out a befuddled whimper towards his current vulnerable position, trying his best to curl up in the present woozy state. The world was spinning and it was much easier to just close his eyes, managing to turn onto his side with his lax muscles not helping much.

He gave a twitch here or there, nothing more than that, his breathing even, regulated and a much different cry than when it was ragged. His long tongue hung limp out of his massive jaws and to the cement floor, adding to his puddle of saliva.

Shadow eyed the curled-up Werehog and had to fight the very childish impulse to kick him. A small snort by his side told Shadow that Knuckles was trying hard not to laugh at his current situation.

"I'm going to go wash his excrement off," Shadow muttered deadpanned, glaring over at the echidna. He was practically covered in saliva from his shoulders up and Shadow wondered how high this was going to drive his blood pressure to rise. He strode over to a towel, ignoring how Knuckles had fallen outright in peals of laughter, using it to dry his muzzle of Sonic's thick saliva.

Shadow went into a room at the side where Knuckles had stowed a hose they had used to wet down the main area. Peeling back soiled gloves, He turned it on with a grunt and crinkled his nose with irritation as the cold, metallic water immediately soaking through his dark pelt. He winced as the cold water thudded against the abused areas on his throat, reminding Shadow of he had gotten them. The dark hedgehog's ears pinned against his head.

Why hadn't the Werehog ripped his throat out when he had the chance? It was more than obvious Sonic the Werehog had been interested in pursuing things far more intimate with Shadow... The question was why.

His thoughts raged back and forth, considering reasons that seemed unlikely as well as illogical. Shadow's stomach twisted with uncertainty as his hand rose to rub against his abused shoulder, fingers threading through the quills on his back gingerly. All of those questions could go unanswered for now, but there was something that continued to disturb Shadow.

He should have felt angry with Sonic for violating his personal space and getting so intimate. But the fact that Shadow wasn't feeling as disturbed over that... and it was that fact that annoyed him more than the actions themselves had.

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