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Frequently Asked Questions

Current Wacintaki Poteto Version: wac-1.5.0

No automatic deletion is set.

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Table of Contents

How do I start drawing?

If you are registered and have a draw flag, you may begin drawing by clicking on “Draw” on the menu bar. If you do not have a draw flag, contact an administrator for details on how to acquire one. Note that admins may revoke your ability to draw (rather than ban you) at any time if you misbehave.

How do I start animating?

On the draw screen where you select the applet you want to use, make sure the animation checkbox is selected. Then, just draw as you normally would. The applet will automatically track your movements and store it in a file.

I can't see / start the applet.

Try downloading the Sun Java Runtime Environment, or JRE, at Older versions of Windows support Java with a program called the Microsoft Virtual Machine, which has always had problems and has been discontinued. The latest version of Internet Explorer works well with the JRE, but you may want to get a more stable alternative browser, such as Firefox or Opera, to minimize the risk of lost drawings.

I can't retouch my pictures -- the canvas is blank!

Again, try downloading the latest JRE at Some versions of Java, and the Microsoft Virtual Machine, do not store images properly and may prevent them from being imported into applets. You may also want to enable animation support when drawing, which will allow retouching with older versions of Java. Turning on animation support will help solve the retouch problem on most other oekaki boards, too.

I can't submit pictures with the OekekiBBS applet!

Unfortunately, there is a compatibility problem with the OekakiBBS applet and the Windows version of the Sun Java Runtime Environment, also known as the Java Plugin. OekakiBBS will run normally, but is unable to submit a picture once it has been completed.

Older versions of Windows come with a Java platform called the Microsoft Virtual Machine, but this has been discontinued in newer versions of Windows. The Java Plugin is distributed by Sun Microsystmes and must be downloaded seperately from Sun's Website.

If you prefer to use the OekakiBBS applet, you may uninstall the JRE and use the Microsoft Virtual Machine. It is also possible to only install the JRE with an alternative browser like Firefox, and use Microsoft's VM only with Internet Explorer, but this is not recommended.

This issue is a problem with the OekakiBBS applet itself. If a newer version of OekakiBBS is released that is compatible with the Java Plugin, Wacintaki may include it.

I lost my password!

You may recover your password here.

If you can't get your password back with password recovery, tell the owner of the board, and he or she can give you a new password.

I can't logout!

This is likely a web browser problem. You should empty your browser cookies. A cookie is a small tag of information that lets a server know who you are. Most browsers have an option to clear cookies from the “Tools->Options” menu.

My picture didn't post, or I wasn't able to comment, and lost my picture!

Your picture may not be lost. If the picture finished uploading, but you were unable to comment, go to “Administration->Recover Pics” to recover it. Your information has still saved, including the time it took for you to draw it. If you have trouble, the administrator may recover pictures for you, or upload a screen capture you took using the “Print Scrn” key.

NOTE: Pictures saved using a screen capture may be very large and in a format not compatible with Wacintaki. Please tell an administrator about your lost picture before sending a huge picture file to an admin's e-mail address!

How do I upload pictures?

By default, only administrators may upload pictures. However, admins may enable upload access to individual members on a case-by-case basis. Ask an administrator for upload permissions.

Note that some people don't like pictures on oekaki boards that are not drawn with the paint applets, so if you are granted access to the upload feature, use it in accordance with the board Rules.

Why can't I immediately see my updated picture when I re-touch it?

Most likely it is a problem with your web browser. To resolve the issue, just refresh your page. If that doesn't work, you may have to clear your web browser's cache.

Most web browsers will allow you to refresh the page and clear the cache in one step by holding “Ctrl-F5,” or allow you to manually clear the cache (or “Temporary Internet Files”) via the “Tools->Options” menu.

Why can't I see any e-mail addresses?

To help protect e-mail addresses from spam, you must be logged into your account to see other peoples' addresses in their profile or the memberlist.

You will always be able to see admin e-mails, but you will have to substitute the anti-spam character with the “@” symbol.

What happened to the chat / mailbox?

Wacintaki Poteto allows administrators to disable the chat and mailbox systems normally found in OekakiPoteto. The chat system uses a lot of bandwidth and some servers may not be able to use it. If the mailbox has been disabled, you may send e-mails to people directly by viewing that person's profile or the memberlist. Note that you must be a member and logged in to see e-mail addresses.

How may I send a mailbox message to someone?

Click on member names to open up their profiles, and click on “send a message” at the top of that page. You must be logged into your account to send messages.

What is an archive?

When the picture limit is reached, OP will recycle through the picture count starting at 0. Archiving a picture will prevent it from being overwritten by this process. Only administrators can do this. Future versions of Wacintaki may replace the archive with another system.

Please do not argue with admins over [non]-archived pictures.

What is “automatic user delete?”

If it is set, at a specific date, all users who haven't logged in within the specified time will automatically be removed from the board. To prevent this from happening, ask an administrator to give you an Immunity flag, or log into the board on a regular basis.

What is considered an adult picture?

An adult picture is anything that is only suitable for 18+ viewing. This includes aggressive violence, nudity, or anything of a sexual or explicit nature. If you are drawing such a picture, please tag it with an adult flag when posting your comment. If you cannot view adult pictures and would like to see them, you must select “Edit Profile”, and make sure the “Allow Adult Images” checkbox is selected.

You should read the Rules to see if any additional or alternative conditions have been specified by the admins.

Why are some pictures shrunken into a thumbnail, while others are not?

Images become thumbnails based on a number of factors, including the filesize of your image, and what thumbnail mode the administrator has selected for the BBS. You may change thumbnail and layout modes in “Edit Profile” if the administrator allows members to choose their own view modes.

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