A Deal For You by Dragonscale

“You might as well give up, Shadow. You know I’ve won.”

Shadow snarled in response.

The Black Arms had invaded a week ago, and Shadow had been running with the rest of the gang to defeat them. Rather, by himself, but headed for the same goal after he’d remembered his promise to his blue-eyed angel, the long-dead Maria. During a GUN meeting in which tactics were to be discussed, Sonic suddenly burst out after Shadow had brushed him off when he tried to give him a friendly box on the shoulder.

Since then, Sonic had defected.

He’d led the Black Arms into battle after battle, and now the odds were stacked against the humans. Even the obsessive Amy Rose had given up on her hero.

Shadow had been combing through the completely desecrated Westopolis when he sensed he was being followed; and so he had been. Eventually ratting out the blue stalker, they’d argued for a while, ended up half-heartedly brawling, and then they broke apart and had a face-down.

“What the hell do you want from the world, Sonic?” demanded Shadow, pure fury raging through his veins mercilessly, “It loves you, all of it. You’re famous, have a fan base bigger than Eggman’s midsection, we could’ve beaten the Black Arms easily. What did you want from those aliens anyway? What could they possibly have that you want? World domination aside.”

Sonic’s eyes glinted, and he cocked his head, “Not all the world loves me,” he murmured, lips pursed almost thoughtfully, “The one part I want so badly for it to love me, the only part of the world that I need to love me, really doesn’t. It wouldn’t ever love me if I didn’t help along in some way. Subtle hints weren’t enough, nothing was enough; I’ve resorted to drastic measures.”

“What the hell, Sonic?” snarled Shadow, bracing his foot against the rock to get a good power-up. Keep the hedgehog talking…keep on with your woe-is-me monologue…”Who do you want to love you so badly you’d pitch in with the black aliens? I don’t understand, Sonic. It’s not too late to back out of—”

“It’s you.”

Shadow faltered, his mind slowly grinding to an undignified halt.

“Wha…what?” he managed, his bristled quills flattening in shock. His ears perked as he stood completely erect like a dog that scented its prey.

In this case, Shadow understood suddenly, he was the prey. And Sonic had him cornered.

Sonic offered a small smile to his dark wonder, the light playing through his magnificent ebony fur wondrously, making him look almost ethereal, with those glowing, crimson orbs.

“You sound surprised.” The azure hedgehog shrugged remorselessly, “The only one in the world I’ve ever needed to love me is you. It was always you. Shadow, my Ultimate Lifeform.”

Shadow’s mouth fell open.

Sonic carried on relentlessly, “I love you, Shadow, and I’ve loved you for a long time. But…you’ve never looked my way once with any sign of affection. You don’t know how it’s tortured me. For you to be right there…and not being able to hold you. Just to…hold you. To stroke your fur.”
Shadow shook his head in denial, unable to do anything else.

The onyx and crimson hedgehog male couldn’t wrap his mind around the concept. No-one liked Shadow, no-one cared for him. He’d never been abashed by the lack of friendliness in his life because he’d never expected any.

And then Sonic, his long-time rival, the blue speedster, sold out the world just to have him.

It simply did not compute.

“You traded in the world…”

“In exchange for you,” finished Sonic, no shame whatsoever in his voice, “I went to the Black Comet and found Black Doom. We came to an arrangement. I lead his troops into battle and lead him to victory, and in return we go to some part of the world where there’s no destruction, no humans, no Mobians, no nothing. Like an island, or something. No-one but us. Just you and me.”

“You…you can’t!” the Ultimate Lifeform finally burst out in shock and indignation, “For one, there’s however many billion people in the world you’ve just tossed aside, two, you can’t be so na´ve as to think that Black Dom would just let you live with me somewhere, and three, did you honestly think I’d do this…this…atrocity with you without a fight? I’m not a pet; you can’t just make deals for me. I and only I decide what I do or don’t do. You have no rights to me.”

Sonic blinked in surprise and slight loss; he didn’t expect Shadow to word it quite like that. Nonetheless, he’d anticipated this reaction. Shadow had never had any idea of the love he’d always felt for him. That was okay. He just needed time, right?

“Actually, I do. The Black Arms aren’t authorised by Black Doom to harm you or kill you. If you’re ever cornered, they just have to hold you down. By all rights…” Sonic chanced a small, playful smile. “In legal terms, I suppose, you’re mine.”

“To hell with you!” snarled Shadow, fisting his hands and preparing to attack. The fight-or-flight syndrome had kicked in and Shadow was ready to pummel Sonic into a pulp.

“If I went to Hell, you’d be coming too,” sang Sonic, waggling a finger, “You belong to me, remember?”

Shadow lunged; Sonic dodged. Shadow whirled to perform a Chaos Spear; Sonic didn’t dodge or feint as he’d expected. The blue demon whipped something out that reflected the light and flashed, and the stabbed it into Shadow’s side.

Shadow let out a yelp of surprise and pain; it was a syringe. Not a second had passed and he felt as if someone had cut his life support; he crumpled ungainly, expecting to hit the crumpled and broken concrete hard. Instead, Sonic abandoned the syringe, which had held a load of seriously powerful sedative, and looped his arms around his dark prize, and laid him gently down, crawling on top of him but keeping his weight entirely off him. Shadow needed to rest, and besides…Sonic wasn’t intending on doing anything like that until he was completely and utterly sure that Shadow wanted it too. Sonic couldn’t even contemplate raping the one he loved so dearly. Even if it was never, Sonic could deal with that. If he was to ever make love to the Ultimate Lifeform, the act would be for them both, Sonic and Shadow, not just Sonic.

“You’re sick!” growled Shadow, bucking beneath him angrily. Sonic relished the feel of those muscles jumping beneath his touch, and he rode Shadow’s movements easily, fluidly.

He and Shadow belonged together.

“Sick for you,” agreed Sonic readily, nodding, “Yeah, I know.”

Shadow struggled harder, but his energy was sapping. Sonic had him and he was powerless to do anything to stop it.

Sensing his beautiful prize was beginning to tire, Sonic laid his head sideways onto Shadow’s lush, fluffy white chest, listening intently for the heartbeat he’d always wanted to feel against his.

Shadow, in a final act of defiance, his last attempt to prove he wasn’t submitting out of his own will, flung his head forward and clamped his teeth around the tip of Sonic’s ear, canines sinking straight through.

Sonic jerked in surprise and, oddly, slight arousal. Peering up as best as he could, he smiled fondly as the Ultimate ground his teeth, but had to relent due to sheer inability. He was exhausted, drained, and completely at Sonic’s mercy. He was done, and they both knew it.

Sonic lifted a hand to feel at his ear. About halfway up it folded, unable to support itself where Shadow had bitten through the rigid flesh. It wasn’t bleeding too badly, and it didn’t really hurt.

He winked at Shadow, and laid his body completely down on top of the raven-furred one, caressing his inky fur lovingly.

“What’s wrong? Can’t you understand, Shadow? It’s for you. I love you.”

The words echoed painfully in Shadow’s ears, and he clenched his eyes tightly shut, trying to wipe them out. Suddenly, unexpectedly, the softest, gentlest, most tender kiss was pressed against his cheek. Shadow shivered lightly at the feel of it.

There was no denying it. It felt nice, and he was inwardly in turmoil at the fact that Sonic could…possibly…love him. He wasn’t sure if he believed it yet. He needed to know when it started, how it had happened, why him, and above all; was he worth throwing away the world for?

“I love you,” Sonic repeated for emphasis, his words now barely a whisper, but still clear as day to the both of them.

Shadow grunted in discomfort; Sonic immediately latched onto it and searched for the reason for his pet’s unhappiness.

Locating a rock in the small of Shadow’s back, Sonic discarded it and swept away any other debris below him, ensuring maximum comfort. Well, as much comfort as one could gain form lying on a concrete road with someone draped over you. But that was besides the point. Sonic then began ruffling the white tuft curiously, marvelling at the softness of it, the silky feel, even through his gloves. It was perfect. Shadow was perfect. Said hedgehog mumbled something wearily, fast losing the will to stay awake, but Sonic decided that he didn’t need to hear it. He was too engrossed in what he was doing.

He then stroked down Shadow’s sides and abdomen, tracing the hard muscles and sinew beneath the rippling black fur and skin. Peeling off a glove, he sifted his fingers through the thick pelt, basking in the warmth and supple velvety texture. He snuggled his snout into Shadow stomach, inhaling his heavenly scent.

Shadow had to be a creature from Heaven. There really was no other plausible explanation, in Sonic’s opinion.

The faint scent of smoke and urbanised living began to creep into his nostrils, and Sonic got up slowly. He’d had enough of Westopolis. He wanted only Shadow, and he wanted him to be happy. Shadow, aside from the first few years of his life on the ARK, had suffered neglect and rejection. It was time for someone to love him openly and freely.

Sonic lifted the limp but still conscious hedgehog into his arms and ran. It was time to go to their island.
People can make their own decisions on Sonic’s sanity. In my opinion, he is sane but he’s been driven to extremes. He loves Shadow dearly and wants nothing more than to make him feel happy and valued. This will be either a three-shot or a two-shot. Haven’t decided. I know I have two other projects but someone requested this from me, sooooo…here ya go! R&R, please. Cheers and peace up.
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