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[ON HIATUS] Shadow sighed, knowing he'd have a few new additions to pick up at the store: 1 One massive, steel beam cage. 2 One very large, unbreakable muzzle. And 3 A way to stop his Werehog from humping his leg. What a shopping list...SONADOW.

Rating: PG13 - Mildly Suggestive
Category: Sonadow
Characters: Shadow x Sonic
Genres: Adventure, Romance/Fluff
Warnings: Blood, Sex, Swearing
Challenge: None
Series: None
Chapter: 6 Completed: No
Words: 50816 Read: 99611
Published: April 13, 2010 Updated: August 01, 2010

Story notes:

This is a story co-written by both Skitzoism and ShotsOfSunshine.

Disclaimer: Neither of us own these characters, and if we did... well, we wouldn't be writing fanfiction would we?

1. New Moon by ShotsOfSunshine [Reviews - 325] starstarstarstarhalf-star (7880 words)

The authors, Floofie (Skitzoism) and Scuzzle (ShotsofSunshine) have come together to bring a new offering to the realm of Sonadow. Guess who plays what character! (; Starting a story is never easy, but this was surprisingly effortless. I suppose it's not that hard when there are two people hauling ass and having fun poking at each other; much like a certain couple we know!

2. Waxing Crescent by ShotsOfSunshine [Reviews - 25] starstarstarstarhalf-star (8301 words)

We come bringing you an update!  Thanks to everyone who reviewed!  We love you! A lot!

Special thanks to Kytrin for beta reading this chapter!

3. First Quarter by ShotsOfSunshine [Reviews - 42] starstarstarstarhalf-star (7574 words)

Hello, we come with the third chapter! =D Again, thank you for the wonderful reviews, we love them, they make us oh so happy and wanting to write more! We have some wonderful fan art thanks to AmeMusashi! The first one, depicting the fighting scene, is nothing short of bad ass. And the other two are just plain adorable; the both of us had to squee when seeing it!

http : / / amemusashi . deviantart . com / art / STH - Illust - HTTY Werehog - 162141644
http : / / www . imagehut . net / images / 0mqe1hcvijfjnl092ycz . png
http : / / www . imagehut . net / images / 6z18qqulsrtqkdo5yxrv . png

Sorry about that; yes so annoying, with the spaces bit, but please, check them out, they're some wonderful pictures! Also, don't forgot to check out ShotsofSunshine's wonderful pieces on her dA. Skitz and Sos are happy to bring you the third chapter of HtTyW...

4. Dawn by ShotsOfSunshine [Reviews - 20] starstarstarstarhalf-star (8815 words)

Here we come with a new chapter!

5. Dusk by ShotsOfSunshine [Reviews - 20] starstarstarstarstar (9292 words)

Finally updated! Sorry for the wait. Special thanks to KingOfMoebius and Meesh for betaing.  ShotsOfSunshine will personally curbstomp the first person to say, 'FINALLY AN UPDATE111!WERW#$' and Skitzoism will only giggle; with love, of course.

6. Day Break by ShotsOfSunshine [Reviews - 36] starstarstarstarstar (8954 words)

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