A Deal For You by Dragonscale

Sonic…I don’t understand.

Shadow couldn’t begin to rummage through the churning emotions running rampage through his body; first and foremost was disbelief. There was also paralytic fear, anger, and yet more disbelief.

Not entirely at the fact that someone was kissing him, or that it was Sonic.

It felt…nice. There were no ifs, ands or buts about it; Sonic’s mouth on his felt good, more than good.

Sonic breathed out heavily, his warm breath blowing across Shadow’s face. The ultimate Lifeform, for the second time in his life, was feeling terrified and helpless. The first, obviously, had been when he’d watched Maria die. This time; he could do nothing except hold onto something – anything – to stop himself from slipping and falling into that void waiting to catch hold of him and not let go.

Sonic drew even closer, savouring the moment with all the heart he had. He lifted one hand to gently grip Shadow’s side, the other trailing up to rest over his shoulder spines. He’d waited for forever to do this; and he couldn’t stop now.

Sonic delicately ran the tip of his tongue over Shadow’s lower lip, almost hesitantly. Shadow inhaled sharply through his nose, hands flying up to clasp Sonic’s shoulders as Sonic’s arms tightened around his back, drawing their bodies together.

Growing brasher, Sonic licked at Shadow’s mouth again. But he only ever asked; he never demanded, never forced entry; he merely requested permission.

Shadow’s lips parted despite the silent commands he was screaming at them, and Sonic eagerly took advantage of the new opportunity.

He snaked his tongue into Shadow’s warm cavern, moaning lightly as the new taste filled him to the brim, fit to burst. His tongue explored every crevice and contour he could locate in the inky hedgehog male’s mouth, and Shadow shook his head mildly.

No! No, this is wrong!

Sonic pulled away sharply to take a gasp of air before diving in again to reclaim Shadow’s delicious mouth; Shadow’s control snapped.

The Ultimate Lifeform roughly shoved his (ungloved, he noticed) hands against Sonic’s chest and at the same time snapping, “stop!” The result was ungainly but it achieved what he wanted.

Sonic tumbled in a backward roll due to the force behind the blow and ungainly toppled off the edge of the bed, unceremoniously landing on his front. He yelped as his nose was clipped by the board.

The traumatized male leapt to his feet on the bed, drawing one hand across his tan mouth to wipe away the taste of Sonic who lay on the floor shuddering both in the aftermath of such a…divine kiss, and the agonizing ache that accompanied rejection.

…What do you do in such a situation? The Fastest Thing Alive had just kissed the ageless Ultimate Lifeform, and not lightly either; if Shadow didn’t know any better, things might’ve progressed if he hadn’t cut off the kiss when he had.

He knew next to nothing about physical intimacies; it was a subject he’d never had the chance to broach on the ARK. Sonic’s lips had made his body do strange things – the onyx and crimson male had wanted more, he’d yearned for him, he’d needed everything he could’ve given him…but the paralytic fear had providentially given him the will to shove Sonic off. If it had lasted another second Shadow would’ve probably punched him.

A closer look at the azure ex-hero told him the bed board had done it for him; a droplet of blood oozed out of Sonic’s black, shiny nose. It went ignored.

Sonic’s emerald orbs were locked onto Shadow’s ruby ones. He was still panting from the pure passion and intensity of the kiss, and every cell in his body yearned for him to embrace his black hedgehog and do so again; the look in Shadow’s eyes held him back, though.

Sonic had never really considered the concept of love before meeting Shadow. It hadn’t been a love-at-first-sight kind of thing. It was one of those things where you don’t realise how much you care until you’ve lost it.

When Shadow fell from the ARK, Sonic locked himself up. Outwardly, he seemed the same as ever, but on the inside, he was dead. Shadow was gone and nothing made sense anymore. The world was void, hollow, inconsequential.

Sonic wasn’t sure what had cut into him more; Shadow falling and him being able to do squat about it, or when Shadow had looked him sincerely in the eyes when they crossed paths again and told him he had no idea who he was.


The blue speedster could count on one hand how many times he’d seen Shadow speechless. Well, it wasn’t every day you were passionately kissed by your ex-rival, right?

“Shadow, please.”

The words sounded stupid, even to him. Pathetic and meaningless. But they held so much meaning that it couldn’t b expressed in words. The three little syllables resounded through Shadow’s chest, echoing painfully in his heart.

“Please, don’t…I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to…oh God…”

Sonic could’ve buried his head in his hands and cried bitterly at that point; burning tears of rejection were already welling up around his glittering green eyes and threatening to streak peach fur.

“Didn’t mean to? That’s the biggest lie I’ve ever heard in my entire life!” spat Shadow finally, his sharp retort slicing into the bitterly melancholic Sonic like a barbed whip. “It sure as hell felt like you meant it!”

“Did you?”

Shadow opened his mouth to snarl a deeply unpleasant remark back at the two broken words, but, to his horror, nothing came out. He closed his mouth in sheer helplessness, not used to the vulnerable feeling that was coursing through every vein and vessel in his body.

“Sonic, I…”

There was a whistle of wind as Shadow bolted out the door, and Sonic made no move to follow him. Instead, he relented and let the pent-up tornado of emotion locked inside him go, and cried.

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