A Deal For You by Dragonscale

“Sonic, what have you done with my shoes?”

Sonic frowned for a beat, and then cocked his head to peer at the dark male more closely.


Shadow rolled his eyes, tracing his bare foot through the sand absentmindedly. He was sat on a rock by the surf, and Sonic had been dozing spread-eagled in the sun. Shadow had roused him a little later for fear he’d burn. He was trying to get Sonic to let his guard down; he figured being believably nice would be useful in doing so.

In no way whatsoever am I worried for the blue kidnapping idiotic…idiot.

Sonic wondered how to phrase this without angering the black hedgehog. In truth, once Shadow had been knocked out with the drugs he’d removed the Air Shoes and given them to the Black Arms when they’d milled around to see what all the commotion was about.

Sonic had no qualms whatsoever about Shadow’s skating habits; but he knew Shadow could hover with them, and maybe even skate over the surface of the water.

He couldn’t let that happen.

“I…removed them.”

Shadow had guessed as much. Sighing in a mock-patient sort of manner, he droned, “I noticed. Where are they now?”

Sonic swallowed, fearing this a lot more than he should, and spat out, “IgavemtotheBlakAms."

The onyx and crimson male shook his head, blinking.

“Say what?”

Sonic groaned, and breathed, “I was afraid you’d fly off; so I gave them to the—away.”

Shadow growled reactively, and then forced himself to not rebuke the ex-hero.

“You’d do anything, wouldn’t you?” His voice was almost…in awe. Sonic felt a small shiver of pride at the tone of his dark wonder’s voice.

“Anything. For you, anyway.”

Shadow’s ears perked at the utter honesty and sincerity in Sonic’s shining emerald eyes, and he deflated slightly.

I really am lucky to have someone so badly in love with me. Even if that person is another male. Even if that person is…god…Sonic. Maybe I could humour him. For a little while.

“Hey, Sonic,” he began, and Sonic instantly zoned in on him, ears perked, the fold now only bent crookedly. He scrambled up and scooted below him, sat almost like a dog eagerly awaiting attention from his master.

“Yeah, Shadow?”

The Ultimate Lifeform narrowed his ruby eyes slightly, and spat out the first thing that came into his head.

“Just curious…what’s the name of this island?”

“Isle Shadow.”

Shadow stopped for a beat, his heart accelerating slightly and his breathing ceasing. Sonic had to be joking. He couldn’t have…

He faced the azure ex-hero seriously, Sonic’s bright emerald eyes beaming at him, shining with the glare of the Sun. Shadow opened his mouth to say something, but it caught in his throat.

“No, it’s not a coincidence,” grinned Sonic happily, his tail patting against the sand as it began to wag, “When I was conversing with Doom on where to take you, he pointed out there was an unchartered island here. I named it after you.”


Shadow began to mumble, and then shook himself for being so undignified. He leant backwards, air hissing out in a big breath.

“Th-thanks, Sonic. I guess.”

Sonic beamed dazzlingly, bright whites flashing as his peach lips parted. “S’okay. What else would I have called it? Isle Amy? Ugh…”

“That reminds me,” said Shadow, catching onto the point, “What about Amy?”

Sonic’s smile faded, replaced by a wary frown. “What about her?”

“Well…didn’t she love you?”

“She may have done, but I didn’t,” Sonic shrugged remorselessly, scratching through his quills, “Sure, she was an okay girl, but I never loved her…she was always running around and glomping me and stuff. I swear, I have some kind of permanent spine condition from it.”

“Is ‘glomping’ actually a word?”

Shadow tone was slightly amused, and Sonic’s face brightened considerably. Then his face dimmed ever so slightly. “Kinda like me and you.”

“What are you talking…about…” the ebony and crimson hedgehog trailed off as realisation hit him.

Unrequited love; that was what Amy had suffered from for years. She’d always chased Sonic, begging for love, and Sonic had only ever run away in irritation and annoyance.

Now Sonic was irrevocably and unconditionally in love with him; and it was unreciprocated. Shadow didn’t love him back, he could admit to that easily. But he did…have respect for the blue hedgehog, now that he’d seen what lengths he was prepared to go to in order to obtain his affections. Maybe…it could happen one day.

Shadow choked on the air he was breathing as that thought process dawned on him.

He was actually entertaining the idea of Sonic and him as a happily-ever-after lovesick couple? Preposterous. Shadow would never

“Shaaaadow…anyone there?”

A white-gloved hand waved in front of his face, and Shadow almost fell off the rock in surprise.

Twisting to peer at the now standing far too close for comfort sapphire speedster, Shadow gulped in a breath of air, fixing his frown back on his face.


Sonic grinned, and drew the onyx male into a loose hug, nuzzling his cheek against his forehead affectionately. “You kinda zoned out there, Shadow. What were you thinking?”


“I was…wondering how I’m going to get all the sand out of my fur once I’ve raced you around the isle a couple of times.”

Sonic blinked in surprise, and Shadow offered a mischievous smirk, “You’re always on about racing. I assumed you’d pick up on the subject sooner or later, Sonic.”

Sonic shook his head, smiling softly, “Shadow, you don’t have your skates—”

“I’m just as fast running like you do, I just prefer skating.”

Sonic’s emerald orbs widened in surprise.

You can run just as fast as me? Oh…awesome! Not a hint of jealousy passed through his thoughts or his intense gaze.

“So you run just as fast without shoes? Cool.”

Shadow nodded, standing up slowly.

“But I think I should play hard-to-get for a change…I don’t really feel like running at the moment…”

Sonic cackled, and Shadow turned slowly to face him. “What are you planning, Son—”

Sonic caught Shadows face in his hands, pressed a cheeky kiss against his slightly parted lips, and then raced off in a blur of blue, laughing evilly as he did so.

“Huh…thieving faker!” he yelled, blinking in shock before leaping off the rock to shoot after the cackling azure ex-hero, enjoying himself so much more than he should.


It occured to me I had forgotten to disclaim these chars, so...I don't own Sonic or Shadow! As much as I'd love to. Cheers all!
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