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Summary: Sonic and Shadow were about to tell there feelings until Eggman came
Rating: G - Clean
Category: Sonadow
Characters: Sonic x Shadow
Genres: Adventure, Romance/Fluff
Warnings: Swearing
Challenge: None
Series: None
Chapter: 10 Completed: No
Words: 7520 Read: 116857
Published: April 10, 2006 Updated: November 11, 2006

1. Experament by Fire_Sonic [Reviews - 15] (661 words)

2. Escape by Fire_Sonic [Reviews - 2] (717 words)

3. Unexpected visitors by Fire_Sonic [Reviews - 2] (652 words)

4. Repair by Fire_Sonic [Reviews - 2] (834 words)

5. New Path by Fire_Sonic [Reviews - 2] (1413 words)
Is it clear?
Shadow : yes
good, I'm alive and I just wanted to say before Sonadowluver93 gets me is that I miss writing like this and Sonadowluver93 helped me complete this chapter so give half credit to Sonadowluver 93 and no further adu Rebron New Path
6. Plan by Fire_Sonic [Reviews - 2] (962 words)

7. New Power by Fire_Sonic [Reviews - 8] (631 words)
hi sorry it took me sooooooooo long but I have to do a project of making a comic while I was still sick then do a speach when I have on clue to write but I made it and no further adu...


New Power

8. The Battle Begins by Fire_Sonic [Reviews - 5] (620 words)
Sorry for the hold up, have to do alot of things and before Sonadowluver93 kills me no further adu...
9. Lost Soul by Fire_Sonic [Reviews - 4] (441 words)
Well this is short, I know but I kind of posted it at school lunch so R&R and no further adu...


Lost Soul
10. 2nd Round by Fire_Sonic [Reviews - 4] (589 words)
Sorry I hav not updated. School keeps giving me project after project and homework after homework but little after litte i finish this arc and no further adu...


2nd Round

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