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Summary: Shadow has always had an obsession for Sonic and can never find a way to tell him his true feelings since he is working for the doctor and has to think of ways to destroy him.
Rating: PG - Suggestive
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Genres: Adventure
Warnings: Swearing
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Published: May 18, 2006 Updated: May 18, 2006

1. The feeling of Love by Krissy Prower [Reviews - 3] (113 words)
It's been a while since I've made a fan-fic. and writing isn't really my strongpoint...So don't rub me out >_< (I know this chapter is really short...they'll get longer later-on)
2. The Dark Side of the Mountain by Krissy Prower [Reviews - 0] (272 words)
Meh...another short chapter >_
3. Destruction = Perfection by Krissy Prower [Reviews - 1] (229 words)
Meh :P I hope you like the story so far, I just finished a cover for it and once i color it i will put it in the fanart section!
4. A second attempt by Krissy Prower [Reviews - 7] (165 words)
Please Coment ^.^

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