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Summary: Sonic is the oposit and complement to Shadow, he is another project that Professor Gerald is working on. The Professor did some research and found that Shadow would be more powerful if Shadow hade a mate to protect. Maria manages to survive and finishes Project Sonic. She frees Sonic and they head to the surface of earth.
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Published: May 13, 2007 Updated: May 30, 2007

1. Meet Sonic, the Other Half of the Ultimate Life Form by Eternal Hedgehog [Reviews - 246] star (300 words)
First Story here, I have another one, but I'm not sure if I can put it here.
Disclaimer: I don't own them, all characters belong to Sega and Sonic Team.
Pleaes enjoy.
2. Shadow meet Sonic by Eternal Hedgehog [Reviews - 80] (817 words)
Here's Chapter two, I'm sorry if they fluctuate in word count...
Disclaimer: I, nor my writing partner owns Sonic The Hedgehog, they belong to Sega and Sonic Team
3. Trouble by Eternal Hedgehog [Reviews - 28] starstar (534 words)
All standard disclaimers apply. Sorry if the chapter's a bit late... Please don't forget to review!

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