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Summary: Shadow is in the rebellion agianst the group Hellfire, but during a rescue mission he finds himself falling for a certain hedgehog.
Rating: PG - Suggestive
Category: Sonadow
Characters: Sonic x Shadow
Genres: Adventure, Angst, Romance/Fluff
Warnings: Abuse/Rape, Blood
Challenge: None
Series: None
Chapter: 6 Completed: No
Words: 5005 Read: 33055
Published: May 24, 2007 Updated: September 04, 2007

1. The future by ShadowandSonic [Reviews - 42] (743 words)
Don't worry, this is not a Shadouge! Just starts out as one! If you don't like the Tails and Cream pairing I will make them breakup! Let me know.
2. Rescued by ShadowandSonic [Reviews - 6] star (1340 words)
Well I updated. By the way..I don't think I'm going to finish Truth be told. Its a bad story.
3. Awakening by ShadowandSonic [Reviews - 5] (635 words)
I'm on a buzz! Cheer me on!
4. Just the Job. by ShadowandSonic [Reviews - 8] (879 words)
This chapter is screwed up, I'm sorry...Tell me what you think but its not very good..
5. Making it up by ShadowandSonic [Reviews - 18] star (364 words)
I'm back!
6. Dead by ShadowandSonic [Reviews - 11] (1044 words)
Kinda short sorry

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