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Summary: Just and idea I had, I've seen fics where they're human, nomal and humal... well... here they can choose their forms!

Real Summery: Shadow has felt empty since he was awakened… He has to go far to find out why; it will take a long time for him to find out exactly what is missing and even longer to realize that it’s been right under his nose the whole time…
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Characters: Shadow x Sonic
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Published: July 04, 2007 Updated: July 14, 2007

1. Prologue: Something’s Missing by Eternal Hedgehog [Reviews - 5] (1898 words)
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Please enjoy this new fic and revieew.
2. Chapter One: Sonic by Eternal Hedgehog [Reviews - 0] (1070 words)
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3. Chapter Two: Trouble with a Capital ‘T’ by Eternal Hedgehog [Reviews - 1] (1914 words)
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4. Chapter Three: They Meet by Eternal Hedgehog [Reviews - 3] starstarstarhalf-star (1229 words)
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I've decided that I wanted to try a different approach with Ivo... I hope it's ok...

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