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Summary: Sequel to "The Lonely Life I Love". Shadow plans on confessing his feelings to Sonic, win lose or draw. Later chapters will most likely have a higher rating. Wish Shads luck, everyone!

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Published: August 02, 2007 Updated: August 21, 2007

1. Chapter One by Faker_Face [Reviews - 104] (975 words)
Please report any glaring mistakes, and I will fix them. Thanks and leave reviews!
2. Chapter Two by Faker_Face [Reviews - 11] (1310 words)
Please report any errors you might find! :3 Also, leave a review! They motivate me to write more when I hear your thoughts!
3. Chapter Three by Faker_Face [Reviews - 40] starstarhalf-star (930 words)
4. Chapter Four by Faker_Face [Reviews - 11] starstarhalf-star (1045 words)
Review!! :P Eeeeh!!
5. Chapter Five (contest end) by Faker_Face [Reviews - 22] starhalf-star (2872 words)
This is the official end of the story in regards to the manga contest. HOWEVER, I feel like I could write a little more about them. I feel very proud of this fiction. Thanks again for reading and please review! :D
6. Chapter Six by Faker_Face [Reviews - 35] (2095 words)
Sonic and Shadow's relationship blooms... I want to emphasize how their relationship is blossoming in spite of the fact that they havent told anyone... review please!
7. Chapter Seven by Faker_Face [Reviews - 13] (1474 words)
Please revie!!
8. Chapter Eight by Faker_Face [Reviews - 19] (2195 words)
I really like this story... in combination with the first part, I think this is the story I have enjoyed working on the most. I hope you all feel the same. I've been trying really hard to make a Sonadow type romance that has some meaning and context. Please leave reviews, as always.

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