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Summary: .Shadow isn't very fond of Christmas due to the jolly spirit. Sonic and his friends try to get him into the holiday spirit and the ultimate life form is persuaded into doing things he swore he despised. Pretty good story I think.
Rating: PG13 - Mildly Suggestive
Category: Sonadow
Characters: Shadow x Sonic, Sonic x Shadow
Genres: Romance/Fluff
Warnings: Nudity, Sex
Challenge: None
Series: None
Chapter: 2 Completed: Yes
Words: 7643 Read: 11527
Published: December 25, 2010 Updated: December 25, 2010

Story notes:
I know it's a tradition for most writers to write a story for almost every holiday season and I didn't want to do the same. However, I've never done one before, so i decided to try to pull it off
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