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As a request from the President, Sonic and friends investigate a mysterious island that nobody seems to know anything about. Suspicions abound once it appears that somebody does know more than he is willing to share... Sonadow subtext.

Sounded appropriate enough to post this here as well. You can find it on too, if you squint and tilt your head a little.

Rating: PG13 - Mildly Suggestive
Category: Sonadow
Characters: Shadow x Sonic
Genres: Adventure, Romance/Fluff
Warnings: Blood, Swearing
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Chapter: 16 Completed: No
Words: 98676 Read: 155111
Published: May 20, 2011 Updated: February 20, 2012

1. Adventure Must Go On by Venture [Reviews - 32] starstarstar (6314 words)

This is definitely my first try at a Sonic the Hedgehog fic or even a coherent story for that matter. If anything, we'll at least have a nice little plot going on without any major problems. I keep making these crazy fics because I get so bored sometimes, but I hardly have the imagination to actually finish them properly. Any too OOC characters are my own damn fault for not paying attention, so I'm not even going to try and defend myself. Based entirely on the games and maybe I'll slip in some vague references.

2. Tornado Scramble by Venture [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarhalf-star (6061 words)

To summarize real quickly; Sonic, Shadow and Tails team up to do some stuff and fly around in a biplane for a reason we still need to find out a lot about. They have to investigate an island and get something done in the meantime. It is probably as batshit insane like everything else I imagine and make something half assed out of it. Which isn't saying much, to be honest. Even the chapter names are directly ripped off from Sonic's numerous soundtracks because I'm a talentless hack. Also… symbolism! What kind? I have no clue.

3. Dilapidated Way by Venture [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarhalf-star (6386 words)

Welcome back to another addition of ''Abandoned Fragments''! I actually forgot what the title was for a second. I needed to look it up because I'm so lazy and forgetful. I'm getting old, me thinks. We'll be slowly continuing from that lame cliffhanger and continue with the story... whatever the hell it's supposed to be about anyway.

4. Blue Star by Venture [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarhalf-star (7112 words)

I have nothing more to say other than the last chapter drained my will to live. Not really, but I found it really hard to finish it in a plausible way. Let's get on with it already! We need to sort out all these questions; why doesn't Shadow trust Sonic at this point? Is somebody really hiding something? When will Tails get back? What is hidden on this island? What is the plot about and how will we advance it? Those questions might be answered soon… except for the last one. I'm just kidding, there is no plot at all.

5. Trespasser by Venture [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarhalf-star (6114 words)

Is the plot getting interesting or what? With all those useless chapters, it's bound to get intense. Possibly in near future even. It's gonna be so awesome, you'll be blown across the room! But probably not, since that would be quite painful and you'll need a lifetime supply of bandages and blood transfusions. You can tell I don't have much to say, mainly because I'm so bored at the moment but I gotta keep writing to amuse myself. What a paradox. And now for something completely different. Read, review, have fun and turn on your fangirl senses.

6. Waking Up by Venture [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarhalf-star (5741 words)

I hope this time we'll be getting something exciting. Like a Michael Bay movie! With robots, airships, stuff blowing up and gigantic caterpillars! Okay, probably no gigantic caterpillars in this story. And no mecha dragons either, sorry to anyone who's been expecting them. But who knows, maybe I enjoy crushing your delusions of grandeur. And no, I'm not racist against caterpillars or mecha dragons. That's just silly.

7. Leading Lights by Venture [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (5637 words)

Something happens in this chapter. I swear on my unborn children that I will never have. Just how long did I manage to drag this story without revealing anything at all? If you're still interested wherever or not this fic is worth it anymore, you can stick around. I've decided to stop zigzagging through the whole thing and just get to the point.

8. Mechanical Resonance by Venture [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarhalf-star (6244 words)

We finally found out Sonic's intention for being here. I think this is the craziest idea I ever had in my life. I mean, Sonic the Hedgehog fooling everyone like that? Even Shadow for that matter? To give them some credit, they were all pretty suspicious of him. Let's continue and see what's wrong with this plot anyway, other than being completely insane. But hey, this is Venture after all. It's bound to be incredibly ridiculous.

9. Supporting Me by Venture [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (6388 words)

I'm a terrible tease. You'll find out soon just what the hell happened in the previous chapter before it got cut off in a very silly way. Since I have no life to spend on more important things, maybe this is what'll do for the rest of my life; screw around with people. Whoever is still here for whatever reason, you have my sympathies for reading this in the first place. While this chapter is mostly about Tails and other characters, do try and stick around. I think the end of this chapter just might be worth it.

10. Disquieting Shadow by Venture [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (5163 words)

In the previous chapter, a disaster unfolded that ended badly for one of our two beloved hedgehogs by sending him plunging into unknown depths of the chasm. To be completely honest, I don't know why everyone is so worried about Sonic. I mean, come on. Are you serious? The blue dumbass keeps falling from impossible heights at least once per game or anime, lands face first in the ground and gets up a second later with no scratch on him whatsoever. It's so ridiculous it even became a running gag by now.

11. Open Your Heart by Venture [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (5647 words)

There couldn't be more appropriate title name for this chapter. I think most people must've expected it to come up, at least considering this story anyway. I'm a big sucker for these events and plot bunnies, some other people might be as well. I can't talk for most, but this is how I imagined it as a part of this very story… at least because I like it so much. I felt kinda sad writing about these sorts of things because I get very involved into it for the time of writing and I waited a long time to get to this point. I hope you enjoy it.

12. Live & Learn by Venture [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarhalf-star (6936 words)

I can finally use this title for something significant. I came a long way to get to this point. I'm guessing the first half of the story is finished for now and we'll be able to move onto new silly and absurd ideas. I only know to write and put out as much as I can to make some sense or no sense at all. Well, whatever happens…

13. My Ambition by Venture [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (5845 words)

After that incredibly pointless chapter, we return to our story. This will be the last chapter posted this year because I'm whacked. Or wasted. Or both. We'll see just how long I can stretch this one by adding filler, ship tease, actual information and trying to get this to resemble any sort of plot. This ridiculous crazy abomination has already reached an astonishing dozen chapters by now, so we'll just have to see what will happen next. And if my calculations are correct, after this baby hits 88 miles per hour… you gonna see some serious shit.

14. Sea of Sorrow by Venture [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (6936 words)

Dear passive monkeys, is this story still going? I started it, I might as well finish it satisfactory. We'll see how long this is going to drag on, but there are a few plot points we have to resolve. It starts a little weary and then goes back to the actual plot… maybe.

15. Brief Relief by Venture [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (6275 words)

This fic is like Duracell. It just keeps going and going and going… and bumps into walls in the way. After all, I'm still getting used to writing several chapters for one single story and even then I'm not reliable enough to finish it. However, since I don't want my life to be a bunch of unfinished business I hope to finish at least one of these fics. Happy reading.

16. Secluded Stronghold by Venture [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (5877 words)

Over fifteen chapters already? Nice, I was expecting to give up at an earlier chapter and save myself a lot of trouble. My only purpose in life at the moment is to play video games, watch animated pictures on my computer screen and wacky shows with people in rubber suits beating the shit out of other people in rubber suits.

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